Using Functions From Another Svelte Component

Published Feb 10, 2024

If you want to use a function from another Svelte component, export the function, and then you can bind the component in the parent.

  let { src, ...props } = $props()
  let videoEl

	export function play() {

	export function pause() {

<video bind:this={videoEl} {...props}>
	<source {src} type="video/mp4">

Bind the component using Svelte’s bind: directive to get a reference to the component after which you can use the exported functions.

  import Video from './video.svelte'

  let videoComponent

<Video bind:this={videoComponent} src="video.mp4" controls />

<button onclick={() =>}>

<button onclick={() => videoComponent.pause()}>

This works the same regardless what Svelte version you’re using.


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