How To Screenshot The Entire Page

Published Oct 4, 2021


One of the Firefox features I love is the Take a Screenshot tool that letโ€™s you capture visible parts of the page, the full page, or DOM (Document Object Model) elements.

You can do so using the dropdown option, or the Ctrl + Shift + S shortcut.

Taking screenshot of elements in Firefox


This is the one thing I miss when using Brave but thereโ€™s a solution that works for any Chromium based browser.

Open your developer tools with Ctrl + Shift + I, or use the options menu from your browser.

Inspired by the Command Palette from Visual Studio Code you can open the Command Menu with Ctrl + Shift + P and typing screenshot you get these options.

Taking screenshot of elements in Brave

If you want to capture a DOM element it has to be selected in elements.


While itโ€™s not as convenient as Firefox at least you donโ€™t require an extension but if youโ€™re looking for one that lets you also record video you can use something like Nimbus.

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